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You are not allowed to post my art on your own accounts or on other sites. That also counts as your personal profile icons. ASK ME FIRST. Don't be shy to, if you ask, I'll more than likely say yes. But I DO NOT appreciate art theft and HIGHLY despise it when I see people doing so.




Dan Doodle Dump by JeluiMasters
Dan Doodle Dump
what am i doing

you can even tell the moment i stopped giving a fuck eyyyyy :XD:

Dan, Clockwork, Danny, Box Ghost (c) Butch Hartman
Art (c) :iconjeluimasters:

Actual lined things--
2. i just really felt like drawing something disgusting idk
3. Late!teen dan getting surprised by the Guys in White
Inside the Fire by JeluiMasters
Inside the Fire
so yeah i got bored and im forever tied to this fucking show is2g so here's a shit 2 hour doodle of Dan

i was gonna make this a satan and me crossover but it looked reeeeeally stupid lol. also i dont know how many more times i can do this side profile evil grin bust before i get sick of it but idc

Dan (c) butch hartman
Art (c) :iconjeluimasters:



• First name: Chosen--Jules, spiritual--Myath'ratone, given--Merissa
• Middle name: given--Anne. I don't like middle names.
• Nickname: Jujes, Jels, Merty
• Birthplace: Omaha, NE, USA
• Current Location: same ^
• Age: 21, spiritual--indeterminate, more than 80b or so.
• Height: 5'8"
• Weight: i was 245lb but i've gained a lot.
• Zodiac sign: Libra, Monkey
• Any pets: Nope, used to have a guinea pig called Nini
• Favorite thing about yourself: uh..
• Worst habit: eating
• Random fact: I've gone through 4 religious beliefs this year all to end up at the original again.


• Gender Identity: Gender Queer
• Sexual Orientation: Pan
• Sexual Preference:  I don't... really care. right now, it's as long as they are not cis-hetero male, especially over 35.
• Relationship Status: rl--single until death, spiritual--taken
• Personality Type: introvert


• "Early Bird" or "Night Owl": depends on the job, but i try to be an early bird
• Bath or shower: Shower
• First thought in the morning: fuck im awake
• Last thought before falling asleep at night: i hope i dont sleep until 1 pm again

School / Work:

• Do you work or are you a student: Both
• What do you do well: Drawing, creative problem solving
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In my own apartment, out of school, and with a different job.

HABITS - Do You... :

• Drink: Yes. Usually wine~ uwu i have an opinion on almost all types (not brands), but i'm kinda a snot about it. i won't buy anything under $15 unless it's imported from Cali or Italy.
• Smoke: No. I've come close to doing it, but I'm too chicken of getting addicted.
• Do "Recreational" Drugs:  No.
• Exercise: no. when i get guilted into doing it, it's usually walking.
• Have a go-to comfort food: yeeahh, tostitoes chips and dip. or runza.
• Have a nervous habit: i think i mentioned this already, and yeah, it's still eating.


• Physical quality (in yourself): uh..
• Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): not an asshole?
• Food: >->
• Drink: orange juice
• Animal: bat
• Artist/Band/Group: ooh ooh right now it's magna canta owo
• Author/Poet:  ALEX, educationalpancakes in the SaM tumblr fandom ♥
• TV Show: rn--Orange Is the New Black


  1. What is your earliest memory?: Hmmm... well i had a vision/memory of being hatched alone in the void before this universe. Right after that, a cosmic serpent protected me as the universe was born.
  2. Do you have a muse?: Forry~ ^^
  3. If there was a day that the world allowed you to do one thing completely illegal for a day without penalty, what would you do and why?: ...WELLL i don't wanna sound like a terrible person for my first choice, so I'll go with my second, which would be steal from the KC treasury to pay off my student loan, my mom's debts, and set us for the rest of our lives.
  4. Would you prefer living a life of traveling and only settling down in certain places for a certain amount of time, or a life of staying in the same place and rarely jumping around unless it’s a vacation or a trip?: Well I live the second one, and can't really see living any other way.
  5. Do you believe that we are alone in the universe, or do you believe otherwise? Why?: Oh hell no we aren't alone. This universe? Definitely not. okay, seriously it's so damn self-centered to think we're the only life in this plane of existence. The universe is so fucking big, and we're honestly too primitive of thinkers to figure out how to reach out communication to nearby solar systems that might have life. It's probably the same for them. OR they see how completely idiotic we are and go "yeah fuck that species. they're about 2 million years short of being ready for interstellar power."  And for that matter, what about the other galaxies? There are so, so, so many out there. Most people don't even understand just how f a r away they are unless it's sci-fi type shit. get stellarium okay. and zoom really far in on the night sky. then MAYBE you'll be able to see some nearby galaxies as a teeny speck in the sky. that's pretty damn far and would take unimaginable power and advancement of technology to traverse that distance even with a simple message strong enough to pass through stars, nebulae, and other spacial interference.......idk im sorry. im super opinionated about this topic. (on this note, personally, i dont think humans are meant to be capable of interstellar contact. it was almost like we've been purposely held back so we dont make a mess of the galaxy like we've made of our own planet. [for that matter, it's all together possible a race with the proper foresight DID put us in an empty galaxy so we would be too far away to hurt anyone.] i really agree with the fact that humans are like a plague of locusts. we consume and multiply aimlessly, hindering our own intellectual growth and destroying other life in the process.)
My questions
  1. Favorite fandoms?
  2. Choice color/pallet scheme?
  3. Do you know what true otherkin means? and if so, are you?
  4. If you could have a power (not a power that mimicks all the rest, an actual specific power), what would it be?
  5. What kind of sense of humor do you have?

I'm not tagging anyone but forry

I'm sorry if i sound pissed answering this, im really not. XD i've been trying this thing where i dont talk as much as i tend to so i dont sound annoying.

Collab: King of Hearts by JeluiMasters
Collab: King of Hearts
collab with the leading best fic writer of the SAM fandom, alex of tumblr~ >…
original lines > x

two different versions bc i like the black and white better but i worked too damn hard on the colored not to post it lol. this was insanely fun to do and i wish i would have been able to just color off the original lines. : ( however, they like their creator better than i, and i had to line over them on my own.

original lines (c) educationalpancakes
colors by :iconjeluimasters:


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United States
Busty all a round

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